085: this is the code number of the most important production
area of Pecorino.

What is Grappa all'uva®

Grappa all'uva of Pecorino is obtained through an unusual mix between
a single vine variety grappa and the grape must of Pecorino. It is a distillate
that intends to exploit the territory by exalting its typicality and by
representing at the same time the most pure and intimate essence that
the grape aromas can express. The wise mix of different components,
the short aging of the infusions obtained and the complex operations
involved in its production, make of Grappa all'uva of Pecorino a unique
product. An eau de vie de marc that, while maintaining the soul of grappa,
speaks a new language.

Grappa all'uva®
is an exclusive product
and a registered trademark by CentoPerCento.

Tasting Card:

Sparkling and fresh aroma
with hints of ripe fruit with white flesh,
banana and citrus fruits.
Smooth and persistent taste.
Elegant and intense smell
of flowers and hawthorn.
Historical Hints:

The origins of the name
of this grape variety
are full of mystery.
According to one of the various theories
the bunch of grapes
has the same shape of a sheep head.
The most likely one
anyway binds viticulture
to another old tradition of the Abruzzi region,
the transhumancy (literally “crossing the land”,
the traditional twice yearly migration of sheep
and cows from the highlands to the lowlands, and vice versa).
During the transhumancy
the sheep continuously stopped to eat the Pecorino grapes
along the way, making it hard for shepherds
to hold them back and give
explanation to the angry farmers!

Serving Suggestions:

We recommend a Chardonnay type tasting glass and a serving temperature
around 12 ° C. The Grappa all'uva of Pecorino requires a short oxygenation
before being tasted.

Grappa all'uva®
50cl. ℮ - 40% Vol

Retail: box with 6 bottles in tubular cases
Catering: box with 6 bottles without cases