06: this is the code number
of the province of Rome,
a region that includes the territories
covered by the Frascati D.O.C. label.

What is Grappa all'uva®

Grappa alle uve of Cannellino
is obtained through an unusual mix
between a single vine variety grappa
and the grape must,
which is destined tobecome Cannellino wine.
It is a distillate that intends
to exploit the territory
by exalting its typicality
and by representing at the same time
the most pure and intimate essence
that the grape aromas can express.
The wise mix of different components,
the short aging
of the infusions obtained
and the complex operations involved
in its production,
make of Grappa alle uve of Cannellino
a unique product.
An eau de vie de marc that,
while maintaining the soul of grappa,
speaks a new language.

Grappa all'uva® is an exclusive product
and a registered trademark by CentoPerCento.

Tasting Card:

Slight hint of almond
accompanied by
a widespread feeling of acacia honey.
Notes of ripe fruit, figs and raisins.
Taste soft and delicate.

Historical Hints:

The Cannellino wine is obtained from a type of traditional grape from the
Frascati D.O.C. label. Nowadays it is rare and has a century-long tradition.
It is said that originally the grapes used to make this wine were the
last-picked from the oldest and less fertile vineyards. In this way,
whenever the grapes went rotten, the loss for the farmer would not have
been conspicuous. The Cannellino first diffused when the Pontine Marshes
(Agro Pontino in Italian) still had to be reclaimed. The particular pedoclimatic
condition favoured the growth of noble moulds like botrytis cinerea.
The effects that this mould had on the grapes were to stop their
fermentation, make the sugar rise and the acid decrease, thereby
generating an excellent sweet wine. Today Cannellino is still made by
very few producers and intended for an audience of enthusiasts.

Serving Suggestions:

We recommend a Chardonnay type tasting glass and a serving temperature
around 12 ° C. The Grappa alle uve of Cannellino requires a short
oxygenation before being tasted.

Grappa all'uva®
50cl. ℮ - 40% Vol

Retail: box with 6 bottles in tubular cases
Catering: box with 6 bottles without cases