055: This is the code number of the most
important production area of Chianti.

What is Grappa all'uva®

Grappa alle uve of Chianti is obtained through an unusual mix between
a single vine variety grappa and the grape must, which is destined to
become Chianti wine. It is a distillate that intends to exploit the territory
by exalting its typicality and by representing at the same time the most
pure and intimate essence that the grape aromas can express. The wise
mix of different components, the short aging of the infusions obtained
and the complex operations involved in its production, make of
Grappa alle uve of Chianti a unique product. An eau de vie de marc that,
while maintaining the soul of grappa, speaks a new language.

Grappa all'uva® is an exclusive product
and a registered trademark
by CentoPerCento.

Tasting Card:

Typical taste, fruity, elegant and velvety. Full-bodied, well-balanced.
Notes of violets and berries.
Historical Hints:

Some people believe
that the word Chianti
comes from the Latin "clango"
(generally make noise)
a word that evokes
the flapping of wings,
or the clamour of screams
and horn-sounds
from ancient boar-huntings.
Other people believe
that it comes from
the Etruscan family name "Clante".
Actually the Etruscan people
were the first inhabitants of Tuscany
and used to clear the land
to cultivate vines.
Chianti carries the D.O.C.G. label.

Serving Suggestions:

We recommend a Chardonnay type tasting glass and a serving temperature
around 12 ° C. The Grappa alle uve of Chianti needs a short oxygenation
before being tasted.

Grappa all'uva®
50cl. ℮ - 40% Vol

Retail: box with 6 bottles in tubular cases
Catering: box with 6 bottles without cases