081: this is the code number of Naples,
including all the counties
involved in the production
of Lacryma Christi.

What is Grappa all'uva®

Grappa alle uve of Lacryma Christi
is obtained through an unusual mix
between a single vine variety grappa
and the grape must,
which is destined to become
Lacryma Christi wine.
It is a distillate that intends
to exploit the territory
by exalting its typicality
and by representing
at the same time
the most pure
and intimate essence
that the grape aromas can express.
The wise mix of different components,
the short aging
of the infusions obtained
and the complex operations
involved in its production,
make of Grappa alle uve of Lacryma Christi
a unique product.
An eau de vie de marc that,
while maintaining the soul of grappa,
speaks a new language.

Grappa all'uva® is an exclusive product
and a registered trademark
by CentoPerCento.

Tasting Card:

Intense grappa
with flowery and fruity overtones.
Pleasantly mature flavour
with clear hints of marzipan, almonds,
raisins and vanilla.
Historical Hints:

Lacryma Christi fully deserves to be part of the history of national
and international oenology, and carries within the secrets of a thousand-year
history. The legend tells that one day Jesus arrived in the region of Campania,
in the Vesuvius area, and seeing it inhabited by so many demons began to cry.
Immediately afterwards lush grapevines started to grow from the same spot
where his tears fell, and wine of extraordinary goodness was made,
called Lacryma Christi, meaning in latin “tears of Christ”. The Italian author
Curzio Malaparte wrote of this legend in his book "La Pelle" (in English skin),
inviting the reader to drink this "sacred, ancient wine". The production area
covers only the 15 counties of the province of Naples, located on the slopes
of the Vesuvius, where the vineyards are home to native varieties,
which have always been grown in this area. Lacryma Christi is a D.O.C. wine
and the label "Lacryma Christi" is only reserved to particularly praised wines
that reach at least 12 alcohol degrees.

Serving Suggestions:

We recommend a Chardonnay type tasting glass and a serving temperature
around 12 ° C. The Grappa alle uve of Lacryma Christi needs a short
oxygenation before being tasted.

Grappa all'uva®
50cl. ℮ - 40% Vol

Retail: box with 6 bottles in tubular cases
Catering: box with 6 bottles without cases