10th® Torbata® Riserva
is a special edition
of Grappa Torbata®.
On the tenth anniversary
of the start of the production
of this extraordinary invention,
we wish to celebrate and confirm
both its origin
and the national and international
success attained.
10th® Torbata® Riserva
is an extremely precious blend
of different vintages
of Grappa Torbata®
aged in barrels
of different size and type,
knowingly blended
with the attention and passion
characterising all of our work.

Torbata® is an exclusive product
and a registered trademark
by CentoPerCento.

Tasting card:

An intense brown-coloured grappa.
It has an elegant
and complex whiff of smoke
accompanied by soft notes of dried,
ripe fruit.
It has a full round taste
with a harmonious flowery,
spicy and fruity aroma
which strikes the palate.
Date, hazelnut, carob, tobacco,
cinnamon and vanilla
are the main aromas.
Regal Persistence.

Temperature of service:

To be served solely at room temperature.
10th® requires a few minutes of oxygenation before tasting.

Recommended glass:

Grand Bordeaux tasting glass or a tall Cabernet wine glass.

10 things about the 10th®

10th® is to be pronounced as it is written, “tenth”. It is the number we have
chosen to indicate a product which has for us a value of ten. Ten is the highest mark one can obtain at school in Italy. 10th is our visionof an ideal and perfect number because it is the first and insurmountablelimit of numbers. After ten numbers do not continue, they simply start over again and create new series which are repeated infinitively and are thus an imitation of the previous series. Dante too (Convivio 2, XIV, 3) believed that ten was the perfect number: “for since we cannot proceed beyond ten without altering ten itself by means of the other nine or itself and since the most beautiful alteration which it receives as its own alteration by itself... ". Ten, as stated by the Pythagoreans, is responsible for all things. It is the basis and the guide of divine and heavenly life as well as of human life since there are ten commandments, ten is the sum of the first four numbers (1+2+3+4=10=10) which placed on four rows in an ascending manner form the Tetractys, i.e. the equilateral triangle formed by 10 points with a side of four. It is a sacred and esoteric figure on which the Pythagoreans pronounced their most solemn oath. Ten is also the sum of all the dimensions: One point does not have a dimension, a line of two points represents one dimension, three dots create a two-dimensional triangle and four points generate a three-dimensional tetrahedron. The Tantric vision believes that ten cosmic forces occupy the summit in the pyramid structure of the universe. One must not forget that we have ten fingers in our hands and this explains why the number ten constitutes the basis of our numbering system – the decimal system – since the Arabs were the first to use this numbering method and to use their hands for counting. Ten is also considered a symbol of peace and brotherhood. Indeed, when two people shake hands they unite their ten fingers. This is why ten is still considered a “lucky” number today too, a symbol of beauty and perfection, a number to which we attach great importance and the year 2008 is its best witness
since 2+0+0+8=10.