A travel around the world,
the ideal temperature,
the hours between yesterday and tomorrow,
the area code of Zanzibar,
the island of spices.
These images overlap like waves
on a barren shore at low tide.

+ .24 is a mingling interweaving
of exotic notes,
with sweet outflows mixed
with the warm odour of sand.
An emotion that challenges both
meridians and parallels
to follow the signs
that trace a path
towards the scents of Africa.

Vanilla planifolia is a small
and stubborn orchid,
that does not let everybody pick its fruits.
The Aztecs knew this,
and were capable to tame it in a heady drink.
This is a charming grappa,
elegant and wild,
ready to receive and enhance
the scent of vanilla
- seductive spice - that caresses your senses
like a silky wind.
+.24 Vanilla is exclusively obtained
through the infusion of grappa
and vanilla berries,
with no additional essential oil
or chemical flavour.
The production process is quite complex
and develops in more phases:
the softening of the reeds
in a bain marie,
the extraction of aromas,
the pressing and finally the decantation.
Additional production devices,
analysed from time to time
throughout the process,
complete the infusion procedure
and contribute to characterize
the final product.

Suggested Glass

+ .24 Vanilla is best served fresh from 8°C to 10°C in a white wine Riesling type glass,
or else in a Chardonnay Tulip glass.

Grappa e Vaniglia
50cl. e 38%Vol

Retail: box with 6 bottles
Catering: box with 6 bottles