A travel around the world,
the ideal temperature,
the hours between yesterday and tomorrow,
the area code of Zanzibar,
the island of spices.
These images overlap like waves
on a barren shore at low tide.

+ .24 is a complex and instinctive experience,
a unique adventure
beyond the borders of the ordinary,
which invites us to follow it far away
and discover the signs that trace a path
towards the scents of Africa.

The magic of Cinnamomum zeylanicum
has conquered the world.
It was known by the
Egyptians, venerated by the Romans,
a sacred tree for the Bible:
throughout the centuries
the so called "rubra"
has seduced men of power, shamans
and the most daring lovers.
With the +.24 project the grappa surrenders.
Soft and warm, it lets the unsettling power
of seduction of cinnamon – noble spice -
capture its soul,
taking in return the spice colour.
+.24 Cinnamon is a distillate obtained exclusively with the infusion
of grappa and reeds of cinnamon,
without the addition
of any essential oil
or any chemical flavour.
The production process is quite complex
and develops in more phases:
the softening of the reeds
in a bain marie,
the extraction of aromas,
the pressing and finally the decantation.
Additional production devices, analysed from time to time throughout the process, complete the infusion procedure
and contribute to characterize
the final product.

Suggested Glass:

+ .24 Cinnamon is ideal served at cool temperatures, between 8° C and 12° C,
in a Classic Thumbler glass.

Grappa e Cannella
50cl. e 38%Vol

Retail: box with 6 bottles
Catering: box with 6 bottles