Who we are

1998 Luciano Brotto and his son Nicola founded the CentoPerCento company, seated on the Montello, a hilly region north of Treviso, in a corner of high historical and natural interest.

Luciano is not only carrying forward his family hundred-year tradition of distilling, but has also turned into a researcher and innovator in order to add value to a product, which is deep-rooted in the Veneto culture.

CentoPercCento's distillates are different from the traditional ones because their production has a modern conception, and the methods of distillation, invented by Luciano and Nicola theirselves, are new, original and exclusive.

CentoPerCento grappas are dedicated to young consumers, especially women, who have a strong interest and an international approach to drinking, thus aiming to rise the number of grappa-lovers.

CentoPerCento works and faces the market, reflecting the quality and the elegant outlook of its grappas. Its activity is even more enhanced by a limited number of distillate types and bottles produced.

This is a sign of uniqueness and great care throughout all the production phases, from grape-vine cultivation to bottling.